About WE-ECO

We-Eco is an enterprise development ecosystem that encompasses and assembles businesses that are active in all areas of the industry, symbiosis and complement each other, creating an enabling environment for growth. of We-Eco in general and its members in particular.

Support small and medium enterprises, startup development, bring positive value to the community.
Developed into the common roof of the SME community, Startup.
Core values
Action based on the spirit: personality, ceremony, meaning, mind, faith and mind.

Executive Board members

David Lee
George Nguyen
Jessica Thao Nguyen
Permanent Vice Chairman
Hồ Thế Hùng
Vice President
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Difficult to find customers

When participating in WE ECO the business will be expanded relationship; increased opportunities for cooperation, business. In addition to our membership, We Eco creates a potential “mini” market for businesses.

Costly to spend on brand development

We Eco is a symbiotic ecosystem of many businesses, which is an advantage for members to promote their brands to the market simply, efficiently and quickly. Especially the cost of advertising is only 0.

Facing many risks during operation

With a dedicated team of industry experts with in-depth expertise and experience, We Eco will help members minimize risks and improve business efficiency.

Difficult to control the quality and cost of inputs

By joining We Eco, members are required to comply with a number of We Eco regulations. In that the quality and cost reduction of products when provided to other members in We Eco is a prerequisite to join We Eco. Because of this, We Eco members will be more cost effective and more efficient in their business operations.

Fierce competition, unhealthy

With We Eco’s incentives and patronage, We Eco members will be optimized for internal business issues. Besides, there is the link, attached to another member enterprise. These will help We Eco members peace of mind, steady development


Be entitled to input products / services at lower prices than market prices
Get free training sessions, seminars
Specialized in We-Eco Consulting to handle business crises effectively
Get free support to build brand development and product launch
Be entitled to input products / services at lower prices than market prices
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  • Each relationship quality with We-Eco

    George Nguyễn
    George Nguyễn
    Regional Manager - 2359 Media
  • Thanks for the utility that We-Eco has brought to our company!

    Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen
    Sales Director - Osaka Group
  • Legal services at We-Eco has helped our company works very stable.

    Hung Ho
    Hung Ho
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